Downtown East murder: gangsterism on the rise?

POLICE have increased their presence at Downtown East and the surrounding neighbourhood, following the fatal hacking of a 19-year-old polytechnic student there 10 days ago.

Police spokesman Lau Kian Keong said in response to queries yesterday that the police ‘have been conducting regular patrols in the area and have stepped up patrols following the incident’.

– from ST report

It’s good to see Singapore Police Force (SPF) beefing up their presence in Downtown East. 

In ST Forum, a reader urged the police to set up two police posts in Downtown East. 

In my view police posts should be established at all large shopping malls, housing estates, tourist spots and even parks as in Japan. 

Thuggish and aggressive behavior is on the rise.  Gangsterism is creeping into

The brazenness and brutality of the Downtown East murder should serve as a wake-up call to SPF. 

Preventing crime with a proactive approach should be a priority with SPF. 

As I conclude this piece, breaking news on ST Online is “7 youths slashed, attackers believed to be from gang linked to Downtown East murder”.


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