Youth violence and gangsterism: time for authorities to wake up?

Youth violence and gangsterism erupt in broad daylight in shopping malls in full view of shoppers.

People go around armed with choppers to settle private scores.

People are murdered and robbed in lifts in HDB estates.

Cars in covered carparks are vandalized with paint. Motorcycles are set on fire.

People do not even hesitate to whack another passenger on the MRT or public buses.

I could go on.

But the only response the public get from the authorities is the promise of tough police action.

I get the impression they’re just being defensive. 

I’m disappointed with the authorities.

As long as it’s just talk, there will be more violence, including unprovoked ones.

For example, on Tuesday an off-duty auxiliary cop was assaulted, leaving him with facial fractures.

What is urgently needed is a visible police presence to deter and prevent crime. Appeals and threats of tough police action have limited impact. 

The authorities must ensure our public safety is not compromised.

The sad fact is that people no longer fear the police. 

The authorities must not bury their heads in the sand anymore.



2 Responses to “Youth violence and gangsterism: time for authorities to wake up?”

  1. I think the flood gate has open, more crime will surface to the top. Although police presensce in high traffic area like Orchard, MRT and etc are up. The presences in secondary area like town center has drop. It seem like i only see police when they are buying makan at the shop, no foot patrol at all. Even in little india, the authority is resorting to axulliary police or security for patrol. thus my faith in the capabilities of the SPF is at rock bottom comparing to a decade ago where i still see them patroling on bicycle.

  2. I share your distress over public security. The minister said we should not resort to knee- jerk reactions. Who is reacting this way really?

    Yes, I can also recall when cops patrolled on bicycles ( they still do in Japan, saw them on recent visit to Japan).

    They seem to be passing the buck to the public! Goodness!

    Another assault on Tuesday. Won’t be the last.

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