Road rage: Singapore traffic police should show up

A Straits Times report today says that some road rage police cases end up in a dead end.

The reason is for lack of evidence. 

What are drivers supposed to do? Install video recording devices in their car or carry them around on their person?

The authorities totally miss the point. 

Why are drivers increasingly rude and reckless? The reason is clear to all drivers except the authorities. 

It’s the lack of traffic police enforcement of the traffic rules on our expressways and roads that’s the root of the problem. 

Frankly, did you see any traffic cops last week? 

Telling drivers to stay calm, not to be confrontational and even more ludicrous, to live and let live, is only going to make matters worse.

It’s like a football game where the referee is not enforcing the rules. Result? A free for all. Which precisely sums up the situation in Singapore expressways and roads. 

It’s the duty of the traffic police to enforce the rules. 

No ifs, no buts. 

The buck stops at them surely. 



2 Responses to “Road rage: Singapore traffic police should show up”

  1. Should Cyclist be book, riding against traffic direction? Lately, i noticed many cyclist in geylang area, are riding against the flow of traffic. Mostly are foreigners, even though some locals do too. Seems that ‘geylang’ area, and ‘serangoon’ area are very prominent for such behavour. Also not forgetting the pedestrian are also not following the traffic lights, and also Cyclist riding with a hand holding a handphone. For what purpose are the traffic lights for? Why are the relevant authorities not doing any thing?

    • Cyclists who flout traffic rules are locals too but foreigners seem to be the dominant party. Why the authorities are not doing anything? I think they’re complacent. Evidence? Security personnel start to patrol the MRT only after the Swedish guy was able to break into SMRT depot. Police start to crack down on gangs only after the murder case in Downtown East. The increase in hit and run and road rage cases.I could go on.

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