ASUS: why I’ll never ever buy another ASUS computer

What’s the matter with ASUS?

ASUS pioneered the netbook but it has reliability issues. 

I have two ASUS netbooks and both have faulty keyboards after about a year of usage. 

The first ASUS is condemned since it is outdated. 

The second ASUS netbook developed keyboard problems (some dead keystrokes) after about 11 months. 

ASUS changed the whole keyboard, and it worked fine for about three months.

Now the keyboard is totally dead. No response to keystrokes. 

I can’t understand why ASUS can’t get a basic thing like this right. 

My other notebooks, Acer, still have fully functioning keyboards even after 8 years. 

ASUS is really disappointing.  

No more ASUS computers and products for me in future!!


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  1. Like cars, computer manufacturers should be made by law to recall their products if a common problem develops as I’ve illustrated.

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