Singapore toilets: worst toilet culture in ASEAN?

A reader wrote to the Straits Times Forum expressing his dismay at the disgusting state of the toilets in our coffee shops. 

If efforts are made to ensure the cleanliness of food stalls by means of a grading system, why are toilets ignored he wondered. 

Yes, our coffee shop toilets are a national disgrace. 

Among ASEAN countries, all of which I’ve had a close-up look at toilets used by the locals, Singapore’s toilet culture is one of the worst.

I’d rather risk a burst bladder than venture into a coffee shop. 

It’s far better to do it among Singapore’s lush greenery but the risk is that crows might mistake your thing for a succulent piece of meat. 

Unless there are penalties, coffee shop
owners will not lose a single night sleep. 

Toilet users must also be more responsible. 

For a start they could improve on their marksmanship. 

The authorities must wake up and act now.

Shame on Singapore!

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