Mersing deaths: a tragedy waiting to happen?

When you play with fire, expect to get burned.

Saddened as we are by the Mersing deaths, are we really surprised?

It’s unwise to venture into the South China Sea during the monsoon when the sea turns choppy and dangerous.

Holiday-makers tend to be careless and possess too much of bravado until a tragedy happens to shake them up. 

Add to this Malaysian boat operators’ disregard for safety, and you have all the ingredients for a tragedy. 

Ditto for their coach companies, highlighted by the horrific crash at Cameron Highlands.

Holiday-makers must insist on safety first. It’s your life at stake. 


2 Responses to “Mersing deaths: a tragedy waiting to happen?”

  1. that boat is a fishing boat owned by a chinese (only chinese paint their boats) and built for shallow water fishing – can carry only 3 persons at the most. How on earth a fishing boat can be converted to be a ferry?

    • In Malaysia anything is possible as long as it’s driven by money. Nonw they say they want to crack down on these boat operators, but when the dust settles it’s back to square one I bet you.

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