Eateries ban kids: surprising Singapore?

That some eateries have banned kids is hardly surprising at all to me. 

Rowdy kids and screaming babies spoil the ambience and enjoyment of other diners, particularly in fine dining places.

These indulgent parents and their spoilt kids are also a nuisance in our public libraries. Their kids should also be banned from public libraries if they misbehave and annoy other library users. 

Rowdy kids will soon grow up to be rowdy teens. That’s why we frequently see rowdy teens, often in school uniform, fooling around and talking loudly as though their friends are deaf on the MRT and buses. 

In countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan teens conduct themselves with decorum. On public transport they speak softly or keep to themselves. This is through personal observation. 

In contrast Singapore teens are loud-mouthed and rowdy when they’re in a group. 

Don’t believe me? 

Next time take the time to observe their behaviour on the MRT or buses. 
With such ill-disciplined and rude youths is it any wonder that discipline in our schools raises eye-brows?

Parents should realise that good manners should be instilled in kids from a young age. 

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