FAS sacks Lions team: management should be axed too?

Roy Hodgson’s days at Liverpool surely are numbered.

Houllier, manager of Adton Villa, may face the sack as well.

Ancelloti of Chelsea may be having sleepless nights over how long he can hold on. 

These managers face the real prospect of dismissal for one reason: their teams are underperforming. 

At one stage, Liverpool were within sight of the relegation zone but their fans didn’t bay for the players’ blood. 

The first head to roll should be the manager, followed by his coaching team if you want to go further. 

Or even the management if you like. 

If the whole team is to be sacked, then the whole management should follow suit. 

And when the dust has settled, let’s hope they don’t return as old wine in new bottles. 

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