Straits Times Forum: strange selections of letters sometimes

One of the most popular sections of the Straits Times is the Forum page. 

Sometimes ST’s choice of letters bewilders me. 

Take for instance a letter today which complained about noise on the MRT. 

Not the mechanical noise but human-generated ones: people talking loudly on their mobile phones, babies crying, drowning out the announcements

Though precisely what sort of announcements he was afraid to miss he didn’t specify. Beware of the gap between train and platform? Next stop?

What surprises me is ST takes the trouble to publish this sort of letter. And in bold type too.

I’m sure ST gets thought-provoking letters that are of greater public interest than this. 

An example was a recent one on data-mining, a business where companies forage for your personal particulars, habits and preferences and sell the data. 

I thought that was a good choice for publication, and Forum was right to highlight it. 

I wrote to Forum on two topics: the need for TV license and exit toll for motorists going to Malaysia but the editor didn’t see any merit in them. 

So, that’s why the letter about noise on the MRT amuses me somewhat. 


5 Responses to “Straits Times Forum: strange selections of letters sometimes”

  1. It was strange to me that after regular forum writers were invited to a gathering by SPH years back, there were little or no more articles from them.
    Really wondered what happened at the gathering.


  2. You mean no more letters from them? If so, it’s indeed strange.

    Perhaps, like me theyve realised that blogging is a more convenient platform to air their views.

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