Driving to Malaysia? Beware of JB traffic cops!

Not content with looking for “business opportunities” outside the JB immigration complex, JB traffic cops have now ventured into the complex itself.

They hang around outside the complex to nab returning Singapore motorists for allegedly running a red light. I’ve seen it happen so many times for it to be anything but a scam. 

Driving to JB complex take the left lane. The right bus lane may be temptingly empty but as you get nearer the complex, you’re forced to enter the left lane but be careful you don’t cross the double lines at the end of the bus lane. 

A cop gleefully waits for you to commit the offence. Just accept the ticket, and on no account should you try to offer any “kopi” money. It may land you in jail.

So now both inside as well as outside the complex, JB traffic cops are working very hard. Target? Singapore motorists.

Perhaps, they are eager for some early CNY  ang pow! 


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  1. Hit by a motorbike in Melaka recently. Make a police report immediately or you cannot make a claim in Singapore.

    Perhaps these JB cops have a quota to fulfill? Sama, sama di sini? But like Roger says, berhati-hati.

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