Driving in Singapore: beware the queue jumpers

Singaporeans are generally polite except when they drive!

Then they undergo a sudden transformation and bizarrely become rude, mean and selfish. Some suffer a greater affliction by being transformed into aggressive, competitive, even fatalistic, creatures. 

I will just zero in on one aspect: the queue-jumping drivers. While others queue patiently, these drivers would drive right to the front and jump the queue.

Not only in Singapore but also in Johor Bahru. Especially at the JB immigration complex. JB traffic police rub their hands in glee because this habit brings in a steady side income.

In other circumstances, jumping the queue is an invitation to fisticuffs or even manslaughter. 

The next time I might not be so forgiving as lately, God forgive me, I’ve been harboring murderous thoughts. 

Now, you might ask “Why aren’t Singapore traffic police doing anything about it?”

Good question. 

In all honesty, I don’t know. It’s an urban mystery, you know. 

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