Minister Mentor’s remarks on integration draw flak: Straits Times

Perkasa, the right-wing Malay rights groups commenting on MM’s remarks on integration said, “Perkasa does not consider Kuan Yew as being less able to respect other religions, but instead consider him as a very senile old man.” (ST, Jan 26)

That MM, now in his 80s, is old is beyond dispute. More debatable is if he is “very senile” .

A broad definition of a senile person is one who has declined physically and mentally. While physical decline could be dramatic, mental decline is harder to gauge. 

The person may have a problem with short-term memory. That’s why older people forget where they’ve put their car key or glasses.

They say older people can recall memories from the distant past. That’s why they enjoy chatting  about the good old days.

When you are a very old politician,  younger people will always see you as out of touch, irrelevant, even a hindrance. 

It’s their world now. You can never see their world as they see it no matter how hard you try. It’s not possible. 

Sportsmen who try to make a comeback eventually learn the bitter truth that they just can’t compete with the younger ones. Where once they were feted and held up in adulation wherever they went, now even their most fervent fans look upon them with pity and scorn. 

A recent example is Michael Schumacher, 7- time Formula One champion, who tried to make a comeback but has been routinely disgraced by the young bucks. Now  according to a Daily Telegraph report, he’s suffering from motion sickness! Perhaps, it’s a face-saving measure. Good for him before he faces more humiliation. 

MM has had his time in the limelight. It’s time he bows out gracefully and gives way to the younger generations.  

That’s the hard truth.


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  1. The Hard Truth is that no matter what anyone says he will remain a politician for life. There is nothing left in life after retirement for people like him; and that’s another Hard Truth.

    • Politicians are the same everywhere. They try to hang on as long as they can, all believing that they’re indispensable. The Middle East leaders hang on and on till their people are sick of them and rebel.

  2. sportsman and politicians career paths are very different.

    your article is not very good. that is the hard truth.

  3. Hard Truth:

    I will find it difficult to sit with someone who eats dog’s meat.

    Even if he’s a friend.

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