Australian Open: Li Na enters Final

Congratulations to Li Na from Wuhan, China for being the first Asian to reach a Grand Slam final at the Australian Open.

She has done Asia, in particular China, proud. 

Traveling around in China, I didnt  see many sport facilities like tennis courts and soccer fields. Yet China’s women soccer team are world beaters, and their men team qualified for the Asian Soccer final currently on in Qatar.

And now a Chinese is on the cusp of being a champion at the  Australian Open. Incredible.

In contrast, in Singapore we have many beautiful tennis courts and soccer fields. In both games, we struggle  to make a mark even in SE Asia.

For all the big talk about promoting sports, the sad fact is that sports is low on priority with both the government, the private sector, schools and parents. 

GDP, FDI and exam results are vastly more important than either hitting, throwing or kicking a ball.

Unless our mindset is changed, Singapore sports will always remain in the backwater. 


2 Responses to “Australian Open: Li Na enters Final”

  1. Just import more .

    • Yah, dangle $$ and Li Na will come and be a citizen.

      At one point in the semi, she was faltering but the thought of the prize money was an inspiration to lift her game.

      Roger Poh “Time and Tide Wait for No Man”

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