Traffic jams during CNY at Woodlands and Tuas: why still no solution, ICA?

Another CNY, another nightmare for those driving to Malaysia for reunions with their loved ones. 

Horrendous 2- to 4-hour traffic jams await them at both Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints. Peeved motorists will again flood the inbox of the ST Forum editor after CNY.

Motorists have been enduring the ordeal for years. Their complaints have fallen on deaf ears. 

As customary around this time of the year, ICA warns motorists about the inevitable traffic congestion and advises them to car-pool and to avoid peak periods. 

Sensible advice but impractical for most people. 

Take Woodlands Checkpoint for instance. Opened in 1999 , it has remained largely the same. No steps have been taken to relieve the bottleneck at the customs examination lanes. No Touch and Go toll payment. All ICA has done is to ensure that all the toll booths are manned during CNY following public outcry.

A friend, who is approaching octogenarian status and  known for his bluntness, said, “You think they don’t what to do? Utter rubbish! If they want to, tomorrow they can resolve the problem. It’s a political thing, my friend. They don’t want you to spend in Malaysia. For example, if you buy petrol here, the government earns from you in the form of taxes. So all these suggestions are a waste of time. You get it?”

So brace yourself for a marathon traffic congestion. 

And, oh don’t ever bribe a JB traffic cop even if they appear to be fishing for one( might be an entrapment) or you might be celebrating CNY in a JB police cell. 

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