Traffic jams at checkpoints: ICA, take action not just issue travel advisory!

I was wrong. 

In an earlier post I said motorists would flood the inbox of the Straits Times Forum Editor after Chinese New Year over the perennial very heavy congestion at the land checkpoints of Woodlands and Tuas.

It seems people are already getting jittery, and are writing to the papers.

One such letter appeared in today’s Straits Times urging the Immigration and Customs  Authority (ICA) to do more to ease the expected congestion rather than issuing travel advisories which for most people are impracticable.

It’s beyond my comprehension how ICA managed to snag the Singapore Quality Award (SQA).

If it’s for speedy  immigration clearance, I’ll shave my head bald!

Perhaps it’s for their uncanny ability to detect bak kau purchased in JB?

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