Traffic jams at checkpoints: 15 ways ICA can help

ICA can do more to relieve the expected huge congestion at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints. 

My suggestions:

1. Open up the two rarely-used exit lanes after customs examination for faster exit. 

2. Have officers to direct traffic to ensure faster exit after customs examination..

3. Open up ALL immigration booths.

4. Officers will most probably work non stop so arrange for  relief officers to help out.

5. Have officers to direct traffic to available toll booths.

6. To enforce lane discipline, there should be officers OUTSIDE the checkpoints as well. 

7. Accept cash for toll payment. 

8. Have cash cards on sale.

9. Forget about verbally checking names of travellers. Unnecessary in the best of times, and not now surely.

10. Spot checks only for three-quarters tank rule, if deemed necessary.

11. Use EMAS/radio/ TV/internet to announce traffic situation at the check points so that travellers can decide which less congested checkpoint to use. 

12. Have more customs officers on duty. 

13. Have mobile toilets on standby. 

14. Have tow trucks on standby for breakdowns. Any vehicle that breaks down is going to cause a gridlock.  

15. Motorists, by maintaining lane discipline everyone can get out of the mess faster. There’s no need to rush as though your life depends on it. You still face a long journey ahead, so relax and don’t stress yourself up.

A minute shaved off here and there can make a big difference. 

Thanking in advance all immigration and customs officers who have to work during CNY.

We don’t take you for granted but appreciate your service.


3 Responses to “Traffic jams at checkpoints: 15 ways ICA can help”

  1. Use mobile electronic boards way before the checkpoints to warn motorists of congestion, and to advise them to use the less congested checkpoint during CNY.


  3. Checkpoints are understandably crowded in the run-up to & during festive holidays, because people are trying to go home for reunion, thanksgiving & the like.

    In S’pore, the checkpoint is packed during such periods, because it seems that at least half of the outgoing crowd consists of local residents (born, bred & with family here) trying to GO AWAY instead. I am trying to think of another city/state/country with a similar phenomenon, & I’ve yet to come up with a shortlist.

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