Change in Egypt will take time: George Yeo

Change in Egypt will take time: George Yeo (Straits Times, 7 Feb)

Reading the article, I was keen to see if the foreign minister would use terms like democracy, human rights, dictatorship or unrest. 

He referred to the unrest as a “political change” and “crisis”.

The huge and bloody protests are merely  a “huge event” and “demand for change”.

It has not escaped the attention of more discerning Singaporeans that ministers steer clear of words like “democracy” or “human rights” except in a defensive stance. 

It seems these are taboo words to them. 

Perhaps, as foreign minister, he has to choose his words carefully. 

Whatever it is, the Egypt UNREST and demand for DEMOCRACY and respect for HUMAN RIGHTS offer lessons for the ruling party. 


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