PM Lee’s core values?

Without getting tangled up in jargon, core values simply mean most important beliefs according to the dictionary. 

Since PM Lee was vague about the core values, I will enumerate them:

1. Religious and racial tolerance and harmony

2. A clean and green Singapore

3. Efficiency in both public and private sectors

4. A corruption-free nation 

5. Rule of law

6. Justice and equality for all

7. Meritocracy 

8. Every citizen taken care of (No one left behind policy)

I’m certain PM Lee will applaud these core values but will dismiss those below as unrealistic and unsuitable for our supposedly unique society.

9. Build Democracy ( in National Pledge) with freedom of speech and assembly

10. Respect for human rights and dignity

Ruling parties the world over are similar in wishing to perpetuate their reign. That’s politics. 

And the opposition will try to wrest power from them. That’s also politics. 

However, if the playing field is uneven resentment builds up, resulting in simmering discontent and tension which is inimical to nation-building. 

The current unrest in the Arab world is the classic illustration of this. 

Discerning people have taken note of the fact that rare mention is made of democracy by ministers here except in a defensive manner, dismissing it as unsuitable at this stage for our society along with other extraordinary  excuses. 

No one will miss the irony of ministers taking the National Pledge on National Day in which they pledge “…to build a democratic society…”. Perhaps it’s a work-in-progress, and they need more time (another 40 years?).

One thing that struck me about PM Lee’s speech is babies. 

Is making babies one of the core values he had in mind? I’m past that age, if you know what mean, if not I wouldn’t mind making a national contribution. 


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