AWARE: mandatory paternity leave for dads

I whole-heartedly support AWARE’S proposal for men to be given paid paternity leave. 

My parenting days are now history but I speak from experience.

The present situation  perpetuates the gender stereotypes of men being the provider and women the homemaker. 

Anybody who has gone through the experience will you that a new born child not only brings joy but also a lot of stress and a totally new set of challenges. 

Apart from the additional help men can offer, they can also bond with the child. The latter aspect to me is vital. 

Men’s involvement right from
the beginning is a crucial first step in the long co-operative effort with their wives in raising children. 

That there will be resistance from employers, I’ve no doubt. 

But the proposal could help to arrest somewhat the alarming decline of storks making stop-overs in Singapore. 


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  3. men have every bit as much right to bonding with their kids as their wifes.of course it cant be as long as maternity leave,but should allocate some days to it

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