Runaway maids in Singapore

A Straits Times report today says at least 4000 maids ran away from their employers last year.

I’m not in the least surprised.

Because there are employers who treat their maids as modern-day slaves. Some even think this is their first step in starting a harem.


Some employers exploit their maids, extracting every ounce of energy from them from the crack of dawn till late at night. Employers expect their maids to be the first to rise in the morning and the last to retire at night.

Shame on these employers!

There are employers who deny their maids a weekly day off with all sorts of lame excuses. Would they be happy if they themselves have to work 365 days a year without a day off. No wonder some maids go crazy.

Take for instance my neighbors’ maid. She has to rise at dawn to wash the family’s two cars. She has no day off.

I’m speaking in general terms. There are  kind-hearted employers who treat their maids very decently, even as part of their family. 

However, 4000 maids running away is huge number. The authorities, in particular the Manpower Ministry, should come down hard on employers who mistreat their maids.

Maids are human beings too.

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