Thaipusam 2011 and CNY 2011: noise curbs are absurd

This has been the quietest Chinese New Year in my area within  living memory. I checked with a few friends and they told me the same thing. 

Normally during CNY, lion dance groups would visit homes to bestow good luck and prosperity. Their drums add an air of festivity to CNY.

But this year they have been absent.

There was an outcry from netizens over the noise curbs for Thaipusam this year with music banned from the procession. Netizens slammed the authorities, and warned that logically there’d be no lion dance with all its attendant noise. Double standard they screamed. 

Well, with the marked and regrettable absence of lion dance groups visiting homes, there’s been no double standard. 

But the authorities have painted themselves into a corner. 

With firecrackers banned, CNY is boring. 

This obsession with regulation is over the top, and getting increasingly absurd.

Where is the soft touch or is it just lip service by ministers?

I say stop the over-regulation!


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  1. This is probably the real reason why Singaporeans are often mocked as having no culture.

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