Gazetting of TOC: not politically motivated? Really?

Surfing the Net for reactions to the gazetting of TOC (The Online Citizen) by the government, I discovered that it was mostly negative. Despite the government  assurance that TOC’s activities would not be hampered, most netizens remain skeptical and suspicious of the government motive. This can be attributed to the negative manner in which the government has long treated the opposition.

The government has now given TOC a lot of free publicity. I know of people prior to this episode who have never heard of TOC, particularly the internet illiterate ones.

TOC has flourished along with another blog, The Temasek Review. They attract many readers because they give you news and views not reflected in the main stream media (MSM) which makes no secret of the fact that it is pro-establishment.

People can be fooled some of the time but they’ve decided they don’t wish to be taken for a ride all the time. Hence the runaway success of TOC and The Temasek 

Reading the usual saccharine dose of news about ministers and their policies in the MSM can grate on your nerve. It’s no surprise then that some Singaporeans have stopped their subscriptions of an MSM newspaper, and there’s no prize for guessing which one. 

One of the democratic institutions in a real democracy is an independent press which we regrettably are denied. 

To fill the void, TOC and The Temasek Review have stepped in. 

It remains to be seen if the government is sincere about allowing TOC to operate freely. 

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