Singapore Budget 2011: reactions 2 – discrimination?

As has become the exasperating norm, Singaporeans living in private housing always get the short end of the stick. 

Those who live in public housing are showered with a variety of benefits all the time. Even those in 5 -room and HDB executive apartments are rewarded with U-Save and S & CC rebates.

In addition, HDB residents can also look forward to estate upgrading. 

This is due to the erroneous perception that people living in private housing are filthy rich. I know of people who are embarrassed to voice their unhappiness over being left out all the time.

On the contrary, they may be asset rich but cash poor. With heavier financial commitments towards their housing mortgages and the necessity for a car since most live in areas without convenient public transport, they can be poorer than HDB dwellers. 

In a genuine inclusive society, such a discrimination is deplorable and potentially divisive. 

A case can be made that they are also tax-payers. 

To ease their conscience, the wealthy could contribute their entitlements to charity or anyone they feel is more deserving, the cleaning lady at your workplace for example. 

But the discrimination should cease. 

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