Singapore Budget Speech 2011: reactions 3

Sharing the spotlight with the Singapore Finance Minister on Budget Day were two lawmakers seated behind the minister. 

The Malay guy was formerly from Berita Harian or Mendaki? The Chinese guy I honestly don’t know who he is. Do you?

I’m ashamed to admit my ignorance.. Truth be told, I’m also shaky over who our ministers are.

Thinking I might be afflicted with Alzheimer’s, I polled some of my friends. 

I asked them if they could tell me who is the minister for

1. Transport
2. Home Affairs
3. Water Resources
4.  Manpower
5. Information

None scored above 2. Some think Wong KS is still in Home Affairs. One simply said he hated the Transport guy for the high cost of COEs. A Malaysian who is now a citizen admitted, “I have no idea.”

What a relief!

I don’t wish to jump to conclusion but you could poll your friends as well. 

This begs the question WHY?

Why are some people indifferent? I think it’s due to the GRC system where many sneak into Parliament tugging at the tail-coats of heavyweights like ministers. Another reason is the many walkovers. 

Hey, I don’t even know who my MP is. Hard to keep up,you know, with the constant redrawing of electoral boundaries. 

But if tradition is anything to go by, once every four years the MP for my area will materialise. A chance for a nobody like me to shake hands with a VIP. If he or she is a minister, it would be a bonus. Wow!

A friend teased me, “And don’t wash your hand for one week.” 

And then after the General Election, the MP will go into hibernation mode for the next four years.

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