Hard Truths: to keep Singapore or PAP going?

The Straits Times, the only morning daily apart from the free TODAY newspaper, it seems never tires in its hero-worship of Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew.

Today, again it’s flogging MM’s book Hard Truths, To Keep Singapore Going for the umpteenth time. 

Straits Times featured an article along with a big picture of a western hedge fund manager raving about how he admires LKY and the book. Good for him.

But I am irritated by all this endless fawning of the ruling party, the People’s Action Party, and its political leadership. It puts me off buying the Straits Times. 

Already I feel as if I’m paying the Straits Times for being bombarded by its acres of advertisements so spare us further irritation. 

The Finance Minister in his Budget Speech admitted that with the Internet, the TV and radio licence has become irrelevant. 

The printed media is increasingly facing the same risk particularly state-controlled  newspapers. 

ST has the extraordinary habit of scoring an own goal!

As netizens, those much maligned people, have observed: more like to keep the PAP going!


2 Responses to “Hard Truths: to keep Singapore or PAP going?”

  1. Aren’t they synonymous? 🙂

  2. Choice is yours not to buy. To be fair there are excellent articles available too.

    About $30 X 12 months a year. Can buy many applications on i-phone with the cash.

    Choice is your Roger. But ST does get on my nerves too.

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