NATAS TRAVEL 2011 Singapore: why refuse to go

Travel Fairs used to be a nice distraction. I didn’t mind paying the entry fee as there were interesting cultural performances. 

But these days, such performances are not that interesting anymore. 

I’ve always been against the idea of paying an entry fee to enter to buy something. 

It’s downright absurd. 

NATAS TRAVEL 2011 wants you to part $4 as entry fee to pay for what I’m not so sure. 

Why should I be stupid to pay? $4 to me is not much but it’s matter of principle. 

If you want my business and you still want to charge me an entry fee, then I say you must take people like me for a fool. 

Haven’t they heard of the Internet?

You can book your air tickets and hotels with the click of the mouse, all in the comfort of your home without paying a cent. 

You won’t find me at NATAS TRAVEL 2011. 

Believe me, I’m not alone in


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  1. What a coincidence. I’m also not going. Just silly. But since the ppl don’t mind, actually they could have charged $10 instead.

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