Singapore Budget 2011: NOT a sweetener?

Some PAP Members of Parliament, often taciturn, saw the need to echo the political leadership’s assertion that the Budget is not targeted at sweetening the ground and win votes in the General Election. 

Clearly they want to claim the moral high ground but are they serious or plainly naive?

On the other hand, why defend the obvious since everyone from my regular coffee shop assistant to the full-suited CEO knows that the Budget is a Pre-Election sweetener?

All ruling parties try to please the electorate in order to retain power. That’s politics. 

As long as it’s all above board, it’s a widely-practised strategy to remain in power. 

But what they give with one hand, they may snatch back with the other?

Time will tell if they are sincere or it’s all an election gimmick as widely perceived. 


7 Responses to “Singapore Budget 2011: NOT a sweetener?”

  1. Well, some (many?) are complaining the Budget is not doing enough.

  2. In some areas they could have done better eg for those on PA

    This afternoon i polled an 70 SC if the Budget were a sweetener, and he gave me an earful, “It goes without saying!”

  3. Let’s just focus on the issue at hand rather than being speculative, shall we? It’s consistent with this government character.

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  5. @Icemoon

    Was the budget ever announced after elections?
    Refresh my memory please.

  6. “Time will tell if they are sincere or it’s all an election gimmick as widely perceived. ”

    Time after time pass by that they show true colour after every election to the shock of lesser mortals. We don’t have another time especially our clowns are disgustingly using foreigners to replace local in great number. Let this time be real and just vote out those clowns.

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