Singapore Electoral Boundaries: Explain changes!

Zakir Hussain, political correspondent of Singapore’s pro-establishment newspaper, The Straits Times, asked some probing questions about the redrawing of the electoral boundaries.

The most striking was why no reasons were given by the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee for the changes. 

This gives rise to the suspicion of bias. Despite all the mumbo-jumbo that gerrymandering is a figment of the imagination of the opposition ( that the PAP stands to lose, doesn’t disadvantage the opposition, that quality men and good parties count more), people are not fooled.

Why then is part of the Aljunied constituency, which saw a fierce fight in the last election, now suddenly part of the Ang Mo Kio GRC of the Prime Minister?

A coincidence?

Although my coffee shop assistant has no degrees from Harvard or Oxbridge, he without hesitation dismissed it as bias in favor of the ruling party.

Why do they keep on taking us for fools? 

As Zakir Hussain says, fence sitters would like to see a level playing field and transparency. Bagus (good).

Don’t insult our intelligence with mumbo-jumbo (which was also invoked at the UN over why Singapore has to limit political freedoms but more of this another time).

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