MM wrong on Malay integration: but why no apology?

Knowing MM, few would have expected him to say now that he “stands corrected on how well-integrated Malay-Muslims are in Singapore” (ST, March 8).

Many would be scrambling for their dictionaries on the precise meaning of ” stands corrected”. 

The expression they’d have found out is that it means to admit what you’ve said is not correct.

It’d would have been better if it had been accompanied by an apology. In Malay, even better – Saya minta ma’af.

I’m confident the Malay community hurt feelings have been assuaged. In my mind there’s never been any question about Malay integration in Singapore.


One Response to “MM wrong on Malay integration: but why no apology?”

  1. There is no apology simply because MM thinks he did them no wrong. He stands corrected because he was corrected by his colleagues.

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