Law Minister urges SPF on more crime-fighting

The Law Minister’s call for the police to return to their core duty of crime-fighting is  belated but nonetheless welcome.

Even foreigners have noticed the significant lack of a police presence in Singapore. 

Fighting crime is the police’s core responsibilty as enshrined in its Mission and Vision Statement so it’s disappointing  that The Law Ministry has taken so long to  realise that it’s veered off into other distractions. 

Chasing after lizards and an assortment of other creatures may be a welcome distraction from the tedium of police work but it nowhere matches the challenges of crime fighting. 

Another non-core area that confines police officers within four walls is SPF’s responsibility  in issuing a variety of licences for public entertainment, public talks, massage establishments, liquor, second-hand goods dealers and private lotteries. 

Relinquishing these non-core duties to other government departments will release more officers for what they’re essentially trained to do – to fight crime and not struggle over the minutiae of licences and collection of fees. 

Hopefully, the public will see a greater police presence. After all, ensuring public safety and security is the core duty of any police force. 

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