Police presence boost in northern Singapore: boost it with more police patrols!

I read with some amusement that there will soon be a police presence in the northern part of Singapore.

What’s so funny you might ask.

It turns out that the police presence will be in the form of a new police station and two Neighbourhood Police Centres.

There have been calls for more police patrols in The Forum page of  the  state-controlled newspaper, The Straits Times.

Patrol cars zipping along can’t really be termed police patrols. A lack of police presence in our housing estates and public places is a temptation to criminals, gangs and petty crime.

Some of these crimes are brazen and committed in broad daylight. The elderly are robbed with sickening regularity in lifts. This is due to a significant lack of police presence in HDB estates.

Generally speaking, police responses to 999 calls are outstanding but it’s far better to deter and prevent crime in the first place.

But the police don’t seem to be convinced. 

One wonders what it takes to make them change their mind.

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