Goodness, a primer on manners for lawyers? More for Singapore schools!

With the stock market as exciting as a morning School Assembly, media reports that Singapore lawyers need a primer on manners must have brought a smile to many people. 

One can imagine a situation where a judge ticks off a lawyer: “Wow, Mr Wood, your ear-studs are really shiny.”

Don’t they teach budding lawyers etiquette in law school?

Sighing, rolling your eyes, twirling your pen and an array of other minor irritations are more symptomatic of errant school kids than members of the learned profession. 

Perhaps times have changed. 

IMHO, if there’s anybody who sorely needs a primer on manners it’s the Singapore student.

Singapore students’ display of boorish behavior is well-known both in the classroom and in public.

Returning from KUALA LUMPUR recently, I encountered a group of Junior College-type students at the airport. 

The boys and girls were misbehaving: pushing and beating one another with a stuffed toy, chatting loudly, jumping the queue.

The tomfoolery continued even on the plane all the way to Changi Airport. 

Just an isolated incident you might say, so what’s the big deal?

No, I’ve  seen too many of such incidents.

Asked for his opinion, a teacher friend snorted, “That’s nothing. We teachers face that every day in school, every day you know.  The other day, a student in my class snatched a sanitary pad from a girl, and forced the other boys to sniff it. Even worse, right?”


2 Responses to “Goodness, a primer on manners for lawyers? More for Singapore schools!”

  1. I encounted one who became agitated when I changed my mind regarding a real estate transaction.

    Some doctors too. They strut around hospital food courts tethered with their own stethoscope, others have atrocious bedside manners.

    While drawing blood samples I had one turning my arm blue and black.

    Common sense is expensive nowadays.

  2. Money has the power to seduce us and make us abandon our values, becoming uncouth in the process.

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