Mediacorp ad push: insensitive and a new low

Seeing the dramatic images of the tsunami disaster every day, many people feel very sad and even traumatised.

That’s why many are outraged over Mediacorp’s insensitive ad push, urging advertisers to capitalise on breaking news about the earthquake in Japan.

Already the government-controlled media in Singapore isn’t many people’s favorite choice of news consumption so this is a new low.

It’s to the government credit that it finally abolished the much-hated TV and radio licence fees. I had always resented the idea of paying to watch or listen to government propaganda.

It’s good that Mediacorp has since apologised over this blunder, and for the state-controlled newspaper, The Straits Times, to report it.

The focus should be on how we can rally to help the Japanese and not to see the enormous tragedy as a business opportunity.


4 Responses to “Mediacorp ad push: insensitive and a new low”

  1. just read abt it today in the straits time?some ppl juts dontget it, do they?

  2. Yes, when the world weeps all they think of is how to profit from the unimaginable horror. Shame on them!

  3. Thank you for writing this up. My goodness I am appalled and shocked how can they stoop so low when another country is now in a turmoil since the natural disaster struck.

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