Ambulance driver attack: jail for father and son

I’ve personally witnessed on numerous occasions the display of thuggish behavior in Singapore, particularly by motorists.

The courts have sent a very strong signal that it won’t tolerate such thuggish conduct by jailing a pair of father (6 months) and son (4 months) for assaulting an ambulance driver. The latter had parked his ambulance in front of the son’s car to send a patient to a clinic for dialysis.

It was a minor matter not “worth” the custodial sentence. Looking at the broad picture as motorists we encounter all sorts of aggravations all  the time. 

By being more patient and showing greater empathy, we can spare ourselves further grief. 

For instance, whenever I see a motorist speeding as if a loan-shark is hot on his tail I tell myself, well, perhaps it’s an emergency of some sort.

With such thuggish behavior on the rise, the authorities are right to show zero tolerance.

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