Indonesia nuclear reactor: playing Russian roulette?

Did you see how the Indonesian police handled the “book” bomb yesterday?

The bomb disposal squad officers were only attired in a protective vest, leaving their arms, faces  and lower bodies totally unprotected. 

An officer had his arm blown off and a few others injured in the ensuing blast.

This amply illustrates the shockingly careless attitude towards safety in Indonesia.

Travelling around the country many times, I’ve often been struck by the lax attitude towards maintenance.

This could have accounted for the European Union’s extraordinary decision last year to ban Indonesian aircraft, including its national carrier Garuda, from flying to EU countries. A real humiliation for Indonesia.

 Indonesia is pressing ahead with building a nuclear plant on Bangka Island off Sumatra.

If the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) gives its blessings, it should be held responsible for any nuclear accidents in Sumatra.

Building a nuclear reactor on the Pacific Ring of Fire is like playing Russian roulette.

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