Japan tsunami donations: Singapore government gives ONLY $500,000, shame.

After the Straits Times reported the other day that a business woman donated one million dollars towards the Japanese tsunami victims, a friend said, “One person can donate $1 million, but the Singapore government gave only $500,000.”

I reminded him that the government similarly gave a miserly $50,000 towards the Haiti’s earthquake victims.

It’s tight-fisted towards even its own poor on public assistance, pointing out that on top of the $200 plus to $300 plus they receive they also get free medical treatment, free education and so on.

In similar vein, the Singapore government will tell us not to ignore the fact that it has also sent a rescue team to Japan

So in that context, you can see that its stinginess despite possessing a sovereign wealth fund that’s in the top ten IN THE WORLD reflects poorly on the government AND people of Singapore.

Let’s not forget that we are where we are today in part due to extensive Japanese investments in the early years. 

If the government wants to foster a culture of charity-giving, it should set a better example. 


3 Responses to “Japan tsunami donations: Singapore government gives ONLY $500,000, shame.”

  1. You guys must know that I am a very stingy and miserly minister. I pay myself 8 months bonus plus a secret allowance which can amount to 14 months (or at least 10 months) of my monthly salary, plus …. plus …. plus …… So $500,000 for Japan Tsunami is enough.
    You guys must also know that Singapore is a very small country and we are not even a nation yet. So how can we match dollar for dollar with the big countries?
    You guys must also know that the Japan is gearing up to be more aggressive and powerful militarily. So the more money you give to her, the faster she grows in might and power. Don’t forget the Japanese attrocities during the 2nd World War – its only about 60 years ago.
    So, as a gesture, I think $500,000 is already too much, right or wrong?

  2. See it as a humanitarian cause.


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