Singapore human rights: disgraceful Part 2

I witnessed an interesting sight while vacationing in Malaysia recently.

This Democratic Action Party member (picture above) was hawking his party’s broadsheets from shop to shop. He even got a cop to buy a copy. He told me he travelled from town to town to spread his party’s message.

Do this in Singapore and the authorities will get terribly worked up, and throw the book at you.

In Singapore, you’d be prosecuted and fined,  and if you can’t pay the fine you’d be mercilessly thrown into jail. We have tough laws against this sort of thing, so don’t fool around.

Malaysia’s democracy may be flawed but at least they enjoy greater political freedoms than Singapore.

Some may react typically by saying Go and live in Malaysia then!

Then there are others who say that the ruling party faces the same restrictions but they ignore the fact that the state-controlled media here gives them a lot of publicity and exposure, even hero-worshipping them, particularly our ministers.

These people, who don’t mind living under repressive laws, have the uncanny ability to bury their heads in the sand for a long time. Good for them!

No doubt they are mightily fond of ostriches.


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  2. By the way, he discussed with me about Malaysian politics. In Singapore this might amount to making a political speech which is against the law, isn’t it? Ridiculous!

  3. Daddy PAP thinks it’s still not time for Nanny to allow Baby Singapore to walk alone and fight its own battles.

    It’ll happen soon Roger and you’ll get strangers at your door selling Reform ideologies from their Party.

    Workers too will thrash the streets with their Party and groups to protest over yesterday’s sex scandal.

    The ‘wayang’ will prevail but then it will be a democratic process won’t it? And that’s what the public wants?

    Your free copy of the Democrats will be sent in due course (with gifts galore). Good luck Roger.

    • Baby Singapore has grown up and is now middle-aged but Daddy PAP thinks otherwise, and still persists in employing baby language.

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