DPM Wong fires salvo at opposition: PAP jittery over GRC?

I read with disbelief that DPM Wong Kam Seng has accused the opposition of aiming to capture a GRC for the wrong reasons.

It’s absurd to suggest that there could be wrong reasons. What’s wrong with capturing a GRC? In any election, the aim is to win whether it’s a GRC or SMC it’s not the issue.

In an attempt to hang on to power, the PAP has ensured that the playing field is uneven for the opposition. One of the strategies which it concocted is the so-called GRC.

Fearing it may backfire on them now, the PAP has come up with this really absurd accusation. Backfire, because in one fell swoop the opposition can capture more seats than a SMC, and inflict humiliation on the minister helming the GRC team in the process.

I’ve never agreed with the idea of GRC. To discerning Singaporeans, its real objective was to clip the wings of the opposition. All the mumbo-jumbo about ensuring minority representation is merely a red herring.

My advice to the PAP is to fight fair and square. This way you won’t alienate voters, particularly fence-seaters and those who subscribe  to the principle of fair play .

Yes, fair play even in politics.


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  2. GRCs: If PAP lives by the sword, they must be prepared to dies by the sword. If GRCs were used to deter the small and weak opposition parties of the past, they will similarly be exploited by opposition parties who can smell blood and win several seats at one go. Watch this space closely….

  3. For a person who screw up royally during the MS escape, he in the job for the wrong reason too.

    This time, I vote for opposition even I they field a croakroach in my ward.

  4. Wong is giving voice to his own fear of being booted out when his GRC falls. He has plenty of fear for good reasons after his disgraceful performance in the Mas Selamat affair. Incidentally, he apparently was rated by Goh Keng Swee as not even permanent secretary (PS) grade when he was a civil servant and was the latter’s secretary for a regular meeting. Goh, therefore, had lots of opportunities to rate Wong. Well, Wong’s performance since turning politician gave little reason to doubt his former ministry boss assessment of him.

    • That’s interesting news.

      He ll forever be associated with the MS fiasco. In other countries, ministers would apologize and step down. So much for their self-righteous posturing.

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