DPM Wong fires salvo at opposition: PAP jittery over GRC? Part 2

It seems the PAP is having nightmares over the real likelihood of conceding the much-resented GRC.

It’s laughable that the  ruling party, the PAP, still clings on to the moral high ground unaware it has been eroded over the years.

Everyone could see that the GRC system enabled PAP candidates to ride into Parliament on the coattails of a Minister. Without the numbers to field a team, the opposition could only look on helplessly.

DPM Wong must have forgotten how the ruling party in one election declared its aim of capturing every seat in Parliament. Of course, in their eyes it was for a noble reason but now when the opposition aims to capture a GRC, it’s for selfish reasons.

As one grows older it’s natural to suffer periodic episodes of forgetfulness but I hope it’s nothing serious. With his vast experience as a former Home Minister, Singapore needs him as the Coordinating Minister for National Security. 

You know, danger lurks at every turn, the enemy at the gate and all that.

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