Holland V caller: appalling and revolting?

There are two words that aptly describe the woman who spoke contemptuously of heartlanders as uncultured: revolting and appalling.

Yon mean Holland Village is the bastion of culture? You must have your brains examined then. Eating and drinking at smart restaurants no more makes you cultured than driving a luxury car. 

Equating public housing with a lack of culture is a reflection of snobbery and sheer ignorance on the part of the accuser known as Samantha.

Apparently two Starbucks customers dressed in shorts and slippers and spewing vulgarities triggered her outburst. I can understand her unhappiness but she has no right to make a sweeping statement.

Besides, it’s ludicrous to suggest that Starbucks, whether it’s in Holland V or in the heartland, is a place of culture.

But it’s good to hear that she’s since apologised.


2 Responses to “Holland V caller: appalling and revolting?”

  1. Females, who think they are ladies, are on our roads too.

    They cut lanes and bull-doze diagonally without signal, elbow while speeding, gossip on cell and honk at pedestrian crossings.

    These are the same females who think Holland Village is their, ‘bastion of culture.’

    Insolent pedigree?

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