Maids in Singapore: modern slavery in republic?

The media in Singapore carried a feature article on what I’ve suspected all along: Singapore is the least popular destination for foreign maids.

In an earlier post, I denounced the treatment of maids as modern day slaves in a first world country like Singapore.

Apart from the tough working conditions and demanding employers, the pay is also the lowest compared to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

In such countries a weekly day off is mandatory and if the maids opt to work on days off, they’re paid extra as well. In Singapore, some maids work like slaves without a day off without being compensated.

Another deterrent is the need to pass an English test, and a basic level of formal education.

In Hong Kong, maids can even demonstrate to fight for their rights. 

Unless pay and working conditions in Singapore improve and are more humane, maids will think twice about packing their bags to work here.

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