PAP new faces: Yes, yes, yes Minister?

Wow, these days the state-controlled media, TV and newspapers, are awash with images and pictures of Ministers and the ruling party’s candidates slated for the impending General Election.

The Straits Times in particular never tires in its effusive admiration of the People’s Action Party(PAP).

Opposition candidates are featured too but can’t match the ruling party in prominence.

What a surprise to see Ministers demonstrate their adoration of babies, and display of friendliness towards voters like long-lost pals. Long accustomed to dour looks from Ministers, I find this hi-how-are-you-doing-man sudden burst of friendliness a bit startling.

The PAP has introduced an impressive array of candidates I must admit.

But what will impress me is not their pedigree, scholastic or career achievements but whether they are men of moral courage.

If all they do in Parliament is to chorus “Yes, Minister”, then my regular coffee shop assistant can outperform them with practised ease given his years of hollering “Kopi-O”!


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  2. But did LKY encourage this attitude? A quote from his speech at the CHIJ Serangoon Gardens on 11.12.1965:

    “We do not survive just by being meek and humble… (It) is a very useful attribute because you do not annoy people; but when being meek and humble is not sufficient to evoke relationships and mutual respect, then a little muscle is sometimes necessary – and resolution.”

    Most of them are ‘men of moral courage’. Not all.

    • A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

      Roger Poh “Time and Tide Wait for No Man”

  3. He is well known to say what suited him for the moment. And he meant it for himself, not when the shoe is on the other foot.

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