Maid carrying his backpack: NSman under fire!

It would have been funny if it were not a serious matter.

I’m talking about a national serviceman’s backpack being carried by his maid while he was preoccupied with his cell phone.

Some people urge critics to show more understanding, that youngsters are under great pressure in Singapore and so on.

But I think that’s not the issue. No matter what a national serviceman MUST always carry his own backpack, period. No excuses, no ifs, no buts.

Anyhow, this episode serves only to confirm my suspicion that this generation of NS men are, generally speaking, softies and spoilt particularly those used to having maids pampering them from a young age.

I’d rather put my life in the hands of a squad of tough oldies than them!


6 Responses to “Maid carrying his backpack: NSman under fire!”

  1. Put your life in your own hands. Unless you want to be like him.

  2. I think this matter has been blown up. Nobody considered the following scenarios?

    1. That chap had medical status. Maybe sprained back.

    2. The maid insisted on carrying the backpack.

    • I can well understand your points. These chaps are trained for life and death situations where short of a bullet in their chest, theyre expected to haul their own stuff.

      With the correct values, he’d proudly have said to his maid, Hey, I’m a soldier, my bag I carry man.

      Perhaps, distracted by an SMS or call, his commonsense deserted him. Now he has to pay the price but nothing compared to coming under enemy fire.

  3. I still remember when I was enlisted for NS in 1970, i carried all my bags and belongings all on my own and walked to the old Bukit Ho Swee C.C. My parents and siblings did not accompany me as insisted by me then. After a brief sending off ceremony hosted by the BHS MP Seah Mui Kok, the army 3-tonner sent us all new recruits to the army camp. As I now reflect back, I just don’t know why I did things all by myself then !

    • Back then the ethos was different. Had you been physically constrained in any way you’d have done everything on your own. I supposed the values are different now. SAF is right to be furious.

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