PAP new faces: Yes, yes, yes Minister? Part 2

The ruling party, PAP, insists it is not interested in yes-men but are you convinced? Honestly, I’m not.

This is not based on any irrational reasons but on solid grounds- the track record of PAP MPs, both seasoned ones and newbies.

Maybe, my powers of recall have waned somewhat but can you refresh my memories? Can you cite any instance when a PAP MP dared to offer with persistence any differing views from those of the government?

On controversial  or matters of great public interest, for instance, on caning, capital punishment, human rights, political freedoms, even ERP. Issues like road safety for cyclists, after-school activities and other safe topics are like low-lying fruit which don’t excite most people.

Last year the Japanese Justice Minister, after signing the death warrants, personally witnessed the executions. So shaken was she by the experience that she called for more debate on the issue. Can a similar event take place here? Personally, I doubt it.

But here in Singapore it is truly remarkable that even with 82 members out of a total of 94, the ruling party has such an unerring congruence of views. 



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