PAP considered splitting into two-party system: why now?

All of a sudden the PAP startles you. 

News that they considered splitting the PAP into a two-party system is nothing short of stunning. But why the revelation now? To show that the PAP, for all its persecution of the opposition and denial of political freedoms to Singaporeans, is actually a benign party?

Have you noticed how, on the brink of the election, the PAP is all sweet reasonableness, gentlemanly and respectful towards the opposition? 

A strong opposition is good for the PAP and the country declared one minister.

A good slate of opposition candidates declared another.

Ministers have a sudden inexplicable urge to cuddle babies. Their beaming faces, with smiles as wide as the River Nile, are the daily staple of the state-controlled media.

Accustomed to dour looks from Ministers, I find it all a bit unsettling. 

Has a new dawn emerged in Singapore politics given all this amiability?

It is all a public relations exercise so don’t be fooled. With the general election in the offing, it’s wise to put your best foot forward.

Human behavior doesn’t undergo a sudden transformation overnight. You look for consistency of certain traits, a pattern if you like.

The litmus test is after the election, and if the PAP is still all sweet reasonableness then indeed a new dawn has come upon us, and that is to be celebrated.

Singapore, our best home!

Singapore, no one left behind!

Or will we be treated to more of the “will be severely dealt with according to the law” arrogance from Ministers once the prize is in the bag?


3 Responses to “PAP considered splitting into two-party system: why now?”

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  2. It would definitely be business as usual once the GE is over, I am betting my last dollar on this!

    Our own destiny and well being is really in our own hands.

    Vote wisely. The pap DOES NOT RESPECT PEOPLE WHO ARE PUSHOVERS. We should give the party a lesson it would not
    soon forget by putting people who really care for our welfare
    in a position to check and balance excesses of the ruling party.

    • Business as usual is the perfect description. Yes, we must bring them down from their high horses. Shame on some of them earning millions but have no portfolios.

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