Rise above gender issue: barking up wrong tree

It’s  clear to many people that the PAP leadership has committed some missteps but it’s steadfastly in denial despite the storm of protest.

One such misstep that has many Singaporeans mystified is the bizarre choice of Tin Pei Ling as a potential Member of Parliament at the  age of 27. 

What credentials she possesses to be an MP and thus represents Singaporeans only the PAP leadership is privy to, leaving the rest of us scratching our heads. So naturally speculation abounds.

Now the PAP leadership makes the preposterous suggestion that it’s a gender issue for all the ire aroused over Tin Pei Ling.

The issue that is clear to everyone, even to my regular coffee shop assistant, is her fitness to hold high office as an MP and has totally nothing to do with gender. How the controversy can be seen as a gender issue confounds many.

If the PAP genuinely believes that she is eminently qualified to be an MP, the morally right action is to make stand for election in an SMC. This way Singaporeans can judge for themselves whether we have a young genius in our midst.

Sneaking her into Parliament by a piggyback ride on the back of a Minister in a GRC will only serve to confirm the widely held view that the GRC system has ulterior motives.

A world-class government needs a world-class Parliament. Clearly, we are still a long way off.


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