Scrutinize opposition candidates: why will fall on deaf ears

A General Election is not to be taken lightly. The sensible thing is to vote in the best people to run the country. More so when we pause to reflect on the complexity of governing a country, and on how to meet rising expectations.

It’s a fair call by the PAP for us to scrutinize the opposition candidates and their manifestoes, and to apply our evaluation just as critically and rigorously as we do of PAP candidates.

Thinking Singaporeans would certainly have no objection to this.

The nub of the problem is that people are fed up of the ruling party’s control of every aspect of life in Singapore in order to hang onto to power, its fear of competition, arrogance, the widely-held perception that it has lost touch with ground and elitism.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the playing field were level for all players.

So people naturally become emotional, and the advice to vote wisely will fall on deaf ears. 

A candidate who doesn’t do anything more than shuffles around in slippers, and stays at home playing computer games rather than out campaigning will still attract substantial numbers of votes.

Or as my regular coffee shop assistant is fond of saying, ” Put up an orang utan, and people will have no hesitation voting for it.”


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