Lim Hwee Hua stopped by heckler: PAP losing touch?

I’m not in the least surprised that Minister Lim Hwee Hua was heckled. He accused of making her rounds only during election time. 

But she tried to convince him that he was mistaken as she has in fact being going around to the various HDB blocks and private households every two to three weeks.

The MP for my area, I still can recall vividly, came a-calling with a large retinue of supporters and aides BEFORE the last General Election. He had a walkover in the GRC, and to the best of my knowledge went into hibernation mode for the next four years.

With the impending GE, he is probably stirring and will certainly come a-calling anytime soon.

In England and elsewhere, even Prime Ministers and Ministers pause to chat with members of the public. 

But here in Singapore, they move around with a large forbidding security escort, and are content with remaining within the cocoon. Only during election time, we see them venturing outside this comfort zone to greet and chat with voters.

But at other times they appear distant. Their only “contact” bar Meet-the-People sessions are on TV, newspapers and official functions. 

So that’s why many people say the PAP government has lost touch with the ground. Their policies also reflect this unhappiness. Any government that is guilty of this stands to lose the respect of the people, and over time its credibility. But the PAP has denied that that is the case.

How can MPs (including Ministers) honestly say they represent their constituents if they have only a perfunctory relationship?

I am confident many share my view that the PAP government, which has ruled for more than 40 years, has lost touch with the very people whom it purports to serve, apart from the wide-held perception that it’s self-serving.


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  1. She should be lucky that she’s only being heckled.
    If you look at MP Seng from YCK being burnt, and MP Cynthia Phua being thrown at with a chair, these are already tell-tale signs that the PAPs have lost touch in the ground with the main street whether they like to admit it or not. And these are only incidences that has happened in the year of 2009.

    • Clearly there is a lot of resentment, a sign that people’s concerns are either not heard or brushed aside as troublesome, unrealistic or irrelevant.

  2. Much as I dislike the PAP policies, to be fair, I must say that I do see Lim Hwee Hua making her rounds in Serangoon Gardens even when it is not election time. In this instance, the heckler is the one out of touch.

  3. I never seen my MP doing his walkabout unless he come during the day while we are all at work.

    • It’d would be odd if they choose a time when most people are at work to come around. Chances are if we don’t see or hear about it, then it simply means they are MIA. Part time job earning $13000 allowance not bad. Not bad at all. What’s so hard about just saying Yes in Parliament?

  4. Much as I dislike the govt policy. To be fair, I have spoken to Lim Hwee Hua before and found her to be a sincere person.

    • Ive no doubt many are sincere but are hampered by the groupthink syndrome and party whip.

  5. Will the resentment tranlsate into votes against the ruling party?

    • I’m sure it will but to what extent it’s hard to tell without any independent poll to be honest. Greed is human nature. PAP lost the opportunity to be a great party. Without a viable opposition it has been behaving like a big bully and know- all.Again, this a foible of human nature.

      To put it in perspective, Nelson Mandela after more than 30 years in prison as a political prisoner preached magnanimity instead of revenge. That’s why he’s widely seen as great man.

  6. Our Mister Mandela is ever ready to meet you in the culvert with a hatchet anytime.

  7. Or he may let his knuckle dusters get in touch … With your face.

  8. i also wonder, who saw the oppositions at work at all… i agree with you that i also dun see my MP coming to my place for house-to-house visit. but i cant comment much cos i cant say that i am always home. sometimes i do see the banner hanging saying MP visiting… btw, i think your comment was misled by the papers. i happened to be there when it happened. that man was so obviously drunk. i saw the minister realised that, walked away to talk to other patrons and there was this reporter who stayed behind to interview the drunkard. was amazed, when i read the papers, by how the story can so much twisted from the truth. really kowtow to the reporter.

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