Ground less sweet says Khaw: PAP in deep slumber?

It’s an understatement to declare that the ground is less sweet. In fact for years now the ground has not only become less and less sweet but bitter.

But with its customary arrogance, the People’s Action Party has dismissed public opinion, particularly those of netizens, as unmitigated rants and gibberish. On the contrary, without the obligation to be ¬†politically correct and overly deferential netizens mirror the frustrations and misgivings of the man in the street.

Ignore them at your peril.

When I tell friends about the massive ill- will and hatred towards the PAP, the typical reaction is “Are you sure?”

A commentator once said rather defiantly, “Put a cockroach there, and I’ll vote for it.”

That’s the trouble with having a strongman-type of politics and groupthink. Everybody can see that the Emperor is stark naked and not attired in resplendent new clothes but nobody wants to rock the boat and be the bearer of negative news.


“The PAP has quality control in our 84 candidates. We have D24 durians, Sultan durians and XO durians, all different kinds but excellent durians. All are super durians. But I don’t know about other political parties because some are ‘ho kua bo ho jiak’ and there’re worms inside too. Then it will be troublesome for people.” Khaw Boon Wan, 29 April 2006. (Wikiquote)


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