Don’t rock foundations: same old tune from old record?

People are increasingly ignoring MM’s utterances, seeing him as largely irrelevant in the 21st century. 

He’s had his time in the limelight, and as all good things must come to an end, he should have bowed out gracefully a long time ago. Even friends who used to support the PAP agree with me.

The Opposition should beware of PAP’s red herring. In the modern
world today, few bat an eyelid over gay issues. Or inane accusations that the Workers’ Party wants to be the co-pilot. Do you play a competitive game of football just for fun? 

Being sidetracked by the PAP will lead to a loss of focus, and confusion in the minds of voters. Focus on the real issues:
affordability of housing, cost of living, rising income gap, human rights, political freedoms, influx of foreign workers, unrealistic ministerial salaries, an unfair and unethical government, just to name a few. 

The old record will continue to grind out the same old tune about how democracy can’t feed your stomachs. The inconvenient truth is that nobody listens to it anymore. 

If this is a gem of wisdom i wonder how the people of free countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and even Hong Kong have been feeding themselves all these years. 

“Now if democracy will not work for the Russians, a white Christian people, can we assume that it will naturally work with Asians?”
– Lee Kuan Yew, Asahai Shimbun symposium, May 9, 1991

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